Social Media Guidelines and Permissions for Brand Ambassadors

Last Revised: 05/01/2024

Noble Ground Coffee (“NGC”) values collaboration with our brand ambassadors to promote our brand and products. To ensure a cohesive and positive brand representation, we have established the following guidelines and permissions for our collaboration partners.


1. Content Creation: Brand ambassadors are permitted to create and share content featuring Noble Ground Coffee products in a creative and authentic manner on their social media platforms.
2. Product Placement: Brand ambassadors are allowed to feature Noble Ground Coffee products in their social media posts, stories, and videos, provided that the content aligns with our brand values and guidelines.
3. Use of Brand Assets: Brand ambassadors may use Noble Ground Coffee logos, trademarks, and brand assets in their content with prior approval from Noble Ground Coffee. If using the logo, please request approved logo options from NGC’s Marketing and Communications department.
4. Promotional Activities: Brand ambassadors may engage in promotional activities, such as hosting giveaways, contests, or discount code promotions, with prior approval from Noble Ground Coffee.
5. Approval Process: All content featuring NGC merchandise or brand assets must be submitted for review and approval by NGC before being published on social media platforms.


1. Authenticity: All content created by brand ambassadors should be genuine and reflect their personal experiences and opinions with Noble Ground Coffee products.
2. Disclosure: Brand ambassadors must clearly disclose their partnership with Noble Ground Coffee in accordance with relevant advertising regulations and guidelines, including but not limited to FTC guidelines.

3. Respectful Conduct: Brand ambassadors should maintain a respectful and professional demeanor in all interactions related to Noble Ground Coffee, including with followers, other brand ambassadors, and Noble Ground Coffee representatives.
4. Brand Representation: Brand ambassadors are expected to represent Noble Ground Coffee in a positive light and refrain from engaging in any language, activities, or behaviors that may damage the brand’s reputation. This includes (but is not limited to) profanity and explicit language, inappropriate clothing, and lewd gestures or graphics.
5. Content Quality: Brand ambassadors should strive to create high-quality content that aligns with Noble Ground Coffee’s aesthetic and brand image.
6. Compliance: Brand ambassadors must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and social media platform policies when creating and sharing content related to Noble Ground Coffee.

Monitoring and Feedback: Noble Ground Coffee reserves the right to monitor and provide feedback on brand ambassador content to ensure compliance with these guidelines and brand standards.
By participating as a brand ambassador for Noble Ground Coffee, you agree to adhere to these guidelines and permissions. Failure to comply may result in the termination of the brand ambassador partnership. Noble Ground Coffee retains sole discretion to determine if it may terminate a brand ambassador partnership at any time.

If you have any questions or need clarification regarding these guidelines and permissions, please request the contact information for Noble Ground Coffee’s Social Media Manager by reaching out to [email protected].